National Health Service Pensioners Trust (NHSPT)

Welcome to the National Health Service Pensioners’ Trust website.

The National Health Service Pensioners Trust was established by trust deed on the 4th January 1991 with an initial endowment of £1.311m, provided by H. M. Government, with all party agreement, to take account of the single year financial impact of a change in the methodology of calculating the Retail Price Index (RPI) and its effect on National Health Service Pensioners in England, Wales and Scotland. Alternative arrangements were made for Northern Ireland.

The Trust Deed gives the trustees the power to apply the funds in such a manner as they think fit to or for the benefit of the defined beneficiaries as detailed elsewhere on this web-site.

Potential beneficiaries should apply for a cash grant to the Trust’s Director on the NHSPT’s application form. Third party agencies such as the Royal British Legion, SSAFA Forces Help, Care and Repair Agencies etc applying on behalf of eligible individuals may use their own application forms. Applications are judged solely on their individual merits and the decision to award a grant or not is wholly at the discretion of the trustees.

Grants awarded are usually in the range of £250.00 – £350.00 and as a matter of policy the NHSPT does not award grants for ongoing top up fees in nursing or residential accommodation. In addition to awarding grants to eligible beneficiaries the NHSPT assists with advice and signposting to many applicants on a range of issues that may be causing concern or distress.

The NHSPT is a very suitable vehicle for receipts of grants and legacies from donors who wish to acknowledge the contribution made by a wide variety of staff who have worked in and retired from the NHS and who are now in need of some financial assistance.Prospective donors should contact the Trust’s Director, Frank Jackson OBE on 01372-805760 or by email to nhsptinfo@gmail.com